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Name Spouse Rank Address Phone Plank Owner Dates Served Deceased
Yeager, Harry W TMC Whereabouts Unklnown 6/11/1953
Yee, John P EM2c Whereabouts Unklnown Cincinatti OH Plank Owner 7/44-10/45
York, Jesse SN Whereabouts Unklnown 10/25/1962
Young, R Div Whereabouts Unklnown 56 Cruise
Young, Felix G CDR Deceased 6/1958 4/57-4/59
Young, George W MM2c 413 Fairmont Ave Tafford PA 15085 Plank Owner 7/44-10/45
Young, Greg Sharon 35719 15oth Street Winnebago MN 56098
Young, James C SN Whereabouts Unklnown 10/16/1963
Young, Oliver C DC3 Whereabouts Unklnown 12/26/1954
Young, R L FT3 Whereabouts Unklnown Coldwater KS 59-60 Cruise
Young, Renwick C Doris SN 315 E. 11th St. BlueEarth MN 56013 2005 Plank Owner 7/44-10/45
Young, Richard L FTMSA Whereabouts Unklnown 4/12/1959
Young, Robert B LTJG Whereabouts Unklnown 7/15/1957
Yourczek, Gerald SF1 8874 Hwy 25 Angoria MN 55703 (218) 666-2057 1951-1952
Yoyes, S I MM3 Whereabouts Unklnown 4/7/1960
Yurka, Joseph E MM3c Whereabouts Unklnown Chicago IL Plank Owner 7/44-10/45
Currently displaying results 1 to 16 of 16. First | Previous | Next | Last